K I N Beachwear By Mariana Neves® is a registered trademark in Portugal, better known as K I N Beachwear.

K I N was born from a childhood dream of founder Mariana Neves. Mariana was born in the Algarve, Portugal, and so the beach is part of her life. After a few years the idea materialized and K I N came to life, a modern swimwear in contemporary cuts and minimal style. 

The name K I N, like the dream of having a swimwear brand, came up one summer afternoon on the beach. "Kin" in Japanese means golden. Besides being a cute little name, the founder thought it made perfect sense, because one of the summer color is golden. Golden as the sun, golden as the sand and summer skin.

K I N are based in Lisbon and all the pieces are designed and produced ethically in Portugal.


The founder of K I N Beachwear, Mariana Neves, in Sporty Crinkle Bikini